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Pferdevermittlung und Pferde aus USA

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Find your dream horse with us.

Our highlight

We recently successfully placed two great mares "Lili" and "Blondi" with our customer Freddy. Here is a detailed insight into the process of our horse placement:

Search and selection

Freddy was looking for a versatile leisure horse with potential for competitions. After an extensive conversation, we created a detailed profile and began our search in our extensive network. We soon found several suitable horses, including "Lili" and "Blondi", who immediately aroused Freddy's interest.



Freddy decided to see the mares in person. Freddy was impressed by "Lili" and "Blondi" and decided to take the next step.

Purchase process

Our trusted veterinarians carried out a comprehensive vet check, including x-rays and health assessment. After positive results, we supported Freddy in the purchase negotiations and the completion of all formalities.

Transport and quarantine

We coordinated the quarantine and organized the shipping of "Lili" and "Blondy" to Europe. During the quarantine period, we kept Freddy regularly updated and ensured the horse's well-being.


Arrival and handover

After the quarantine period, they were transported to the destination airport. Freddy was overjoyed when "Lili" and "Blondi" arrived safely. We organized their safe pickup and handover to Freddy.

Freddy is enthusiastic about "Lili" and "Blondi" and reports many wonderful experiences together. She appreciates our comprehensive support and commitment throughout the entire process.

Our experience and network enabled a smooth placement and we look forward to helping you find your dream horse. Contact us to find out more about our services and how we can support you.

"Thank you very much for these two great mares Lili and Blondi. They are both a breeding dream. Lili even made us the Daha Nord Breeder of the Year 2023 with her foal by Gunnatrashya. Her foal was named the best colt.

With Blondi I had my greatest equestrian success to date. We became European Champions in the Nonpro Boxing Class at the Americana 2023.

We love them both very much and are happy that you gave them to us.

Best regards, Freddy"

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