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Pferdevermittlung und Pferde aus USA

We bring your American riding dream to Europe.

Horse brokerage GND Equine LLC.

We will help you find your dream horse. From viewing to delivery, we are at your side.

We bring your long-awaited dream horse to Europe. Have you been looking for your dream horse for a long time? A real show jumper? Or a reliable leisure horse that you can ride out safely? Or perhaps a suitable broodmare with an exceptional pedigree? Or a breeding stallion who can make a name for himself in Europe?

Two years ago we emigrated to Texas and settled right in the heart of the horse industry. There we realized the variety and choice that is available to us here. Our network has grown steadily, with many old friends and acquaintances in the equestrian industry. We can therefore provide you with advice and assistance from the viewing to the purchase negotiation, the vet check, the farrier, the quarantine station and the shipping of the horse. We also have good agents, especially in the area of horse insurance, who can certainly make you a very good offer.

Pferdevermittlung, Vermittlung von Pferden

We will search the perfect horse for you according to your desired criteria. Based on your profile, we contact our partners such as trainers, breeders and training stables to check which horse best suits your goals.

Pferdevermittlung, Vermittlung von Pferden

Do you like one or more horses? Then it's time for the next step. You have the choice: Would you like to come to us in person in the States to view the horse, test ride it and get to know the owner? Would you like to receive more information and leave the rest to us? Both are possible. Ultimately, however, only you make the purchase decision.

Pferdevermittlung, Vermittlung von Pferden

After a successful search, we will present potential horses to you with detailed information, current photos - taken by us - and videos.

Pferdevermittlung, Vermittlung von Pferden

Have you decided on a horse? Then we will commission our trustworthy team of doctors on your behalf. Together we go to the stable, take extensive x-rays, carry out a thorough vet check and send you the results by email. You can also consult your veterinarian at home.

Pferdevermittlung, Vermittlung von Pferden

Everything okay at the vet check? Then we'll help you negotiate the price to get the best deal for you. If both parties agree, we will support you with the fine-tuning - from the accommodation to the release of the quarantine station.

Pferdevermittlung, Vermittlung von Pferden

Temporary transport and life insurance is advisable to protect your investment. We work together with insurance companies that can create customized offers for you.

Pferdevermittlung, Vermittlung von Pferden

We coordinate the appointments with the quarantine station and organize the shipment for you. If the horse does not yet have an appointment, it will remain safely in our stables under our care.

Pferdevermittlung, Vermittlung von Pferden

During the four-week quarantine period, your horse will stay in a large box without contact with other horses. We will visit the horse regularly and keep you up to date.

Pferdevermittlung, Vermittlung von Pferden

Once the quarantine period is over, the shipment will be transported to the destination airport. We will inform you of the shipping date and arrival time. If required, we can also organize collection by a forwarding agent.

Many years of experience

Over 20 years in the horse industry and numerous successful placements.

Comprehensive network

Broad connections to top trainers, breeders and veterinarians in the USA and Europe.

Complete service

Support at every step of the process, from initial consultation to safe delivery.

Transparency and trust

Openness and reliability in all business processes.


Expertise in various equestrian disciplines, both English and Western.

Health checks

Cooperation with experienced veterinarians for comprehensive health checks.

Quarantine and transportation

Coordination and support of all logistical steps for smooth transportation to Europe.


Passion and personal commitment for every horse and every client.

Location in Texas

Centrally located in the heart of the equine industry to ensure access to a variety of high quality horses.

Why with us?

About us

Nicole and Gordon Dubau have been a couple for over 27 years and have been married for more than 22 years. Nicole learned to ride at the age of 4 and Gordon has been riding for over 20 years.

Horses have been a part of their lives for over 22 years. That was one of the reasons why Texas became their destination. Their new small ranch was recently completed and has everything needed to keep and care for horses.

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Pferdevermittlung, Pferde aus USA
Pferdevermittlung aus den USA
Pferdevermittlung, Vermittlung von Pferden

Horse brokerage references

Successful horse brokerage with GND Equine LLc.

Discover your dream horse with our comprehensive support. From the first consultation to the viewing to the safe delivery to Europe - we are at your side. Trust, experience and passion are the pillars of our work.


Find out more about our successful placements and how we can help you find your perfect horse.

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